Eva Beatrice Dykes

Photo from Oakwood University
 Educator, Literary Scholar

Born:August 13, 1893, Washington, DC
Died:October 29, 1986, Huntsville, AL


•  "In 1921, Eva received a Ph.D. degree from prestigious Radcliff College (now a part of Harvard University), and was the first African-American woman to complete the requirements for the degree in the United States. She specialized in English, Latin, German, and Greek language studies." - Oakwood University Website

•  She came from a teaching position at Howard University in 1944 to teach at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL and served there almost four decades. She was the first professor with a PhD at Oakwood. - Oakwood University Website

•  "While at Oakwood, Dykes directed the English department and helped the college gain accreditation. " - Oakwood University Website

•  Her biography is titled "She Filled the Impossible Dream" by Dr. Dykes.

•  Author of 'The Negro in English Romantic Thought' and other articles, publications and books - Notable American Women

•  Daughter of Martha Ann Howard and James Stanley Dykes (parents divorced when she was young) - Notable American Women

•  She came from a family highly valuing education. - Notable American Women

•  "Her dissertation was titled 'Pope and His Influence in America from 1715 to 1815', and explored the attitudes of Alexander Pope towards slavery and his influence on American writers." - Wikipedia

•  "Eva's maternal grandparents, John and Rebecca Howard, once enslaved on a cotton plantation in Howard County, Maryland, migrated to Washington, DC, after emancipation." - Notable American Women

•  Oakwood University's library is named in her honor: Eva B. Dykes Library, Archives, and Museum. - Oakwood University Website

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