Pierre Socrates Dunnavant

Photo from the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library
 Owner of Dunnant's Department Store

Born:February 8, 1886, Giles, TN
Died:April, 1974, Huntsville, AL
Business:100 Washington Street NE - Dunnavant's Department Store
Residence:417 Randolph Avenue SE


•  "Pierre Socrates Dunnavant was the owner of Dunnavant's Department Store, which opened in Huntsville in 1914. It was located on the corner of Washington and Clinton Street, and Memorial Parkway at Governor's Drive. It became one of the best known stores in north Alabama." - HMCPL - Pierre

•  Married Dana R. Mitchell on Dec. 25th, 1910 - Ancestry.com

•  Son of Robert Lee Dunnavant (1849-1929) and Izora "Dolly" Hill Dunnavant (1855-1933) - Ancestry.com

•  Father of Katherine Dunnavant - Ancestry.com

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