Major General Edwin I. Donley

Army Hall of Fame
 U.S. Army Major General

Born:May 9, 1918, Buchanan, MI
Died:August 16, 2006, Huntsville, AL
Buried:US Naval Academy Cemetery, Annapolis, MD


•  Local Role: "Deputy Commander, Land Combat Systems, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama; and ultimately as Commander, U.S. Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal." - Hall of Fame

•  Married to Marion Donley (1919-2005) - Find A Grave

•  "As Commander U.S. Army Military Missile Command , he directed the development of early missile systems, including the Pershing, Sergeant, Hawk, Nike Hercules, Chaparral, Redeye, and Shillelagh. Other weapons systems under his direction included the Surface-to-Air Missile Development Air Defense System, and land combat systems such as Lance, TOW and Dragon. He directed Army missile development from wartime to peacetime missions and was a driving force behind the International Logistics Program." - Find A Grave

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