William Penn Dilworth

 Owned Dilworth Lumber Company

Born:November 22, 1877, Madison County, AL
Died:January, 1964, Madison county, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:1002 Pratt Avenue NE
Residence:2709 Meridian Street N - OAKLAWN PLANTATION: 2709 Meridian Street, Huntsville, Alabama. "Around 1919, after a long period of vacancy and neglect, the house was deeded to Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Dilworth who refurbished the home. The plantation again took on the splendor of former days."


•  W.P. Dilworth was one of the directors of The Mountain Heights Development Company, which was incorporated in 1925 to develop Monte Sano. "The depression days of the 1930's were difficult times for the mountain investors. Property values dropped to only a fraction of the original price." "There were several different financial reorganizations of The Mountain Heights Development Company over the years." "By August 28, 1940, only four shareholder remained of the original investors" and W.P. was one of them. At that point the Company went to receivership. But the project was revitalized when the von Braun rocket team took interest in the properties. "By 1966, the Company had liquidated all of its property." - MSCA

•  "The W. P. Dilworth family owned and operated the Dilworth Lumber Company on Church Street near the train station for four generations." - MSCA

•  "SOUTH HUNTSVILLE LAND CO. MEETING. At a called meeting of the directors of the South Huntsville Land Company, owners of the old Fairground properties, Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock on motion of Director J. E. Pierce and duly seconded Dr. J. D. Humphrey, who had been vice president of the corporation was unanimously elected to fill the vacancy in the office of president caused by the death of William M. Yarbrough. On motion duly seconded William P. Dilworth was elected vice president to fill the vacancy caused by the elevation of Dr. Humphrey. It will be remembered that the properties of this company were recently O.K.'d by an official of the U. S. government as an ideal site for an A-1 airport and in the hope that something may come of this effort the officers of the corporation were instructed to cooperate with the city officials and others to see what can be down. The owners of the above corporation stock and properties on an equal basis are: Dr. J. D. Humphrey, J. E. Pierce, R. E. Smith, M. M. Hutchens, W. M. Wellman, J. M. Gill, W. P. Dilworth, estate T. W. Pratt, estate W. M. Yarbrough, Mrs. Kate Lowery and T. T. Terry." - Huntsville Daily Times, Business

•  Son of John David Dilworth and Neome (Neancy was how it was listed in one census and Noemie was how it was listed on Roots Web) Lou Cloud - Ancestry.com

•  His two full siblings died in infancy and his mother died when he was about six. His father married Louisa Clementine "Clemmie" when WP was about nine and six children were born to that marriage. - Ancestry.com

•  Married Susie A. Keel (1881-1932) on Sept. 11, 1899 in Jackson, AL. - Ancestry.com

•  Father of William Penn Jr. and Mary Virginia - Ancestry.com

•  This is a reference to his daughter Mary Virginia (Virginia):
"MISS DILWORTH GIVES LARGE DANSANT At Oak Lawn the ideal setting for the gallant gents and fair ladies who were bidden on Friday evening a most beautiful dance was given by Miss Virginia Dilworth at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Dilworth. At least 75 couples accepted and dancing whiled away the hours until the early morn when the guests were reluctant to depart. Orchestral music was furnished for the occasion. The handsome ball room was a dream of a place for the dancing and was enhanced by garden blossoms of pink and white. Miss Dilworth who is one of our youngest debutantes is quite popular with the younger set and the affair was pronounced by all a splendid success." - Huntsville Daily Times, Ball

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