Major John Steele Dickson


Born:July 25, 1821, Greenville, TN
Died:November 30, 1864, Franklin, TN (in CSA service)
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  Owned a hardware store in Huntsville, AL before the American Civil War. - Find a Grave

•  Married: Mary Frances Fariss Dickson (1828 - 1887) on April 9, 1850 in Huntsville, AL - Find a Grave

•  Son of Robert Dickson and Elizabeth W. Dickson - Find a Grave

•  Major John Steele Dickson was killed in the Battle of Franklin in the American Civil War. - Find a Grave

•  Two, possibly conflicting pieces of Information about his American Civil War engagement:
     Cpt./Maj. Co. E, 35th Ala., CSA - Roots Web
     35th Regiment T, Alabama Infantry, CSA - Find a Grave - RootsWeb and Find a Grave

•  Father of:
     Sally D. Dickson (1851 - 1875)
     William Garner Dickson (1854 - 1926)
     Robert Fariss Dickson (1856 - 1895)
     Catherine "Kate" Dickson (1859 - 1896)
     John DeWitt Dickson (1862 - 1924) - RootsWeb

•  "Company E, 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Composed of men from both Madison and Limestone Counties, this company was organized by John S. Dickson, a Huntsville merchant. Dickson reportedly strode back and forth on the Huntsville court house square, announcing he wanted brave men willing to fight for the South. He soon had enough for a company. The men were mustered into the army in April 1862, at the Lagrange Academy in Franklin County. The 35th Alabama saw action at Baton Rouge and Baker's Creek. It also was at Vicksburg, but left the city before the surrender. The 35th Alabama spent the remainder of the war in the Army of Tennessee, serving through the Atlanta camping. Promoted to Major, John S. Dickson was killed leading a charge at the Battle of Franklin, where the 35th Alabama lost almost half of its men." - ALGenWeb

•  Siblings:
William Steele Dickson
William Martin Dickson
Robert Kincannon Dickson
Elizabeth Garner Dickson - RootsWeb

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