Dr. John Charles Dawson

Photo from Samford University
 Educator, College President

Born:August 10, 1876, Huntsville, AL
Died:April 9, 1966, Alexandria, Virginia


•  Education:
     AB, Georgetown College (1901)
     M.A., Howard College (1910)
     LL.D., Howard (1917)
     Ph.D., Columbia University (1921)
     Georgetown (1927) - Marks

•  President of Howard College (now Samford University) acting 1917-1919, President 1921-1931 - Marks

•  "From 1931 until his retirement he taught at the University of Alabama. From 1921 to 1930 he was the editor of the Howard College Studies in History and Literature and he was the author of 'Toulouse in The Renaissance, 1921-23: A French Regicide in Alabama' (1939) and 'Lakanal The Regicide' (1948)." - Marks

•  Married 1.) Avis 2.) Fletcher Stinson - Ancestry.com

•  The bio from Samford University includes Dr. Dawon's many accomplishments but also includes this: "Dawson's longest-lived policy was his prohibition of dancing on the grounds that it was 'not good for efficiency in class work' and because 'the Baptists of Alabama are opposed to dancing.' That policy, which survived for over 60 years, was part of a general crackdown (or revival, depending on one's perspective) at the college. Dawson also required students to memorize and recite a special Student's Prayer in convocation. And although Birmingham officially was considered a friend of the college, Dawson prohibited unnecessary visits. 'A student who keeps continually running to town can be assured of a private interview,' he warned." - Samford University

•  Son of Joseph Granville Dawson (died before 1880) and Alice Roberts Dawson (1847-1924) - Ancestry.com

•  He had two sisters: 1.) Ernestine B. (1872-1958) 2.) Virginia Fleming 1874-1943 - Ancestry.com

•  Ancestry.com lists his place of death as Washington, DC. And Marks listed it as Alexandria, VA. They are very near each other, but we do not know which is most accurate. - Ancestry.com

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