Larry Byrom

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Born:December 27, 1948, Huntsville, AL


•  American guitarist who has written, recorded, and toured with acts like Steppenwolf, Ratchell, Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Peter Frampton, Eddie Rabbit and Tanya Tucker

•  Quit school in 11th grade and left Alabama to follow his musical career.

•  Dick Clark ("American Bandstand") Caravan of Stars tour came through Huntsville, AL, and Byrom was on a local warm-up band called 'The Precious Few.' From there he went to CA. -

•  "Byrom has appeared on over 112 albums playing electric, slide and acoustic guitar. He continues to record and live in Nashville." -

•  Alabama Music Hall of Fame - Inducted 2008, Studio Muscian Award - Alabama Music Hall of Fame Bio

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