Trevanion Barlow Dallas

Portrait by Adrian Lamb (from Tennessee Portrait Project)

From Lamb's biographical dictionary of the United States, Volume 2

From The National Cyclopaedia of American biography by James Terry White
 Principal Stockholder, Treasure and General Manager for Dallas Mill, Huntsville

Born:September 11, 1843, Washington, DC
Died:June 19, 1902, Nashville, TN
Buried:Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, TN


•  While his home was in Nashville, he had a strong presence and influence in Huntsville, AL - Editor's Note

•  "His family was from Philadelphia originally, and it is said that he faced some of his brothers across the Civil War battlefield." - Tennessee Portrait Project

•  Father of:
1. Trevanian Barlow Dallas (____ - 1898)
2. Hugh Douglas Dallas (1872 - 1900). He became assistant treasurer of the Dallas Manufacturing Company
3. Anne Dallas Dudley (1876 - 1955)
4. Trevania Dallas Pomeroy (1881 - 1964)
5. Alexander James Dallas (1882 - 1950)
6. George M. Dallas (1884 - 1937)
7. Elizabeth Dallas Ward-Smith (1885 - 1946)
- Find a Grave

•  "Son of Mary Byrd (Willis) Dallas and Alexander J. Dallas, a commodore in the U.S. Navy. His uncle, George M. Dallas, served as Vice President of the United States under James K. Polk." - Roots Web

•  Entrepreneur in the textile industry. Cotton manufacturer at Nashville, Tennessee and at Huntsville, Alabama (Dallas Mills) - Roots Web

•  Married:
1. May 11 1869 Ella Douglas (died 1870) in Davidson Co. TN, their only child, Hugh Douglas Dallas was born in 1870.
2. Jan. 18, 1876 Ida Bonner in Davidson Co. TN, their children included: Hugh Douglas Dallas (1872 - 1900), Anne Dallas Dudley (1876 - 1955), Trevania Dallas Pomeroy (1881 - 1964), Alexander James Dallas (1882 - 1950), George M. Dallas (1884 - 1937), Elizabeth Dallas Ward-Smith (1885 - 1946) - Roots Web

•  "In 1891 Mr. Dallas secured the help of some New York and New England capitalists organized the Dallas Manufacturing Co and built and equipped a large mill at Huntsville, Ala. He is now treasurer and general manager of these three mills manufacturing brown bleached and colored cloths which when certain contemplated additions in Huntsville are made will employ 70,000 spindles 2,200 looms and about 1,200 hands and represent an expenditure of more than $1,500.000." - Roots Web

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