Werner K. Dahm

Photo from AeroSpaceGuide.Net
 German / U.S. Rocket Scientist

Born:February 16, 1917, Lindenthal near Koeln, Germany
Died:January 17, 2008, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery
Father of:Werner J. A. Dahm


•  "He was the last of the German rocket scientists from Peenemünde to work at NASA. He continued to work there until 2007." - AeroApaceGuide.Net

•  "He joined the von Braun team at Ft. Bliss, TX (White Sands Missile Range) in August 1947. Moved to Huntsville, AL in 1950 as part of the Army's Redstone Missile design team and then in 1960 started work within NASA." - AeroApaceGuide.Net

•  "He was Chief of the Aerophysics Division at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center until 1992, when he became Chief Aerodynamicist at the NASA Center." - AeroApaceGuide.Net

•  Son of Anton Dahm and Maria Morkramer. - Wikipedia

•  Father of four sons:
1. Stephan Dahm of Huntsville, Alabama
2. Werner J. A. Dahm of Ann Arbor, Michigan
3. Martin Dahm of Huntsville, Alabama
4. Thomas Dahm of Plano, Texas - AeroApaceGuide.Net

•  Married: 1.) Kaethe Elizabeth Maxelon in 1955 (preceded him in death in 1976) 2.) Nell Sheppard Carr in 1981 (preceded him in death in 2000.) - AeroApaceGuide.Net

•  "Over the years, Dahm has had several inventions, earning patents for devices including a Wind Measurement System, Focused Laser Doppler Velocimeter and Clean Air Turbulence Detector." - Marshall Star

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"Group of 104 German rocket scientists in 1946, including Wernher von Braun,[1] Ludwig Roth and Arthur Rudolph, at Fort Bliss, Texas. The group had been subdivided into two sections: a smaller one at White Sands Proving Grounds for test launches and the larger at Fort Bliss for research.[2] Many had worked to develop the V-2 Rocket at Peenemünde Germany and came to the U.S. after World War II, subsequently working on various rockets including the Explorer 1 Space rocket and the Saturn (rocket) at NASA." Image and caption from Wikipedia.

"This is the key to identifying the Von Braun Team and his fellow German Rocket Experts before moving from Fort Bliss, Texas, to Huntsville, Alabama." Key from history.msfc.nasa.gov.
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