Frederick Culp

Painting by Archibald M. Willard
 Revolutionary War Soldier

Born:1768, Germany (?)
Died:1864, Madison County, AL
Buried:Gurley, Madison County, AL


•  Married 1.) Mary Wright born in 1784. 2.) Mary Flanagan (1775-1862) on March 23, 1797 In Louisa County, Virginia with three children from this marriage. -

•  Father of: Catherine D. (1798-1868); John M. (1807-1850); Elizabeth Jane (1819-1901) -

•  "Frederick/Fredrick Culp was born in 1768. Both spellings have been found in his case, and I shall use both as well. I haven't yet documented his parents, but Culp is an Americanized version of the German word 'Kalb' meaning calf. Kalb itself was often altered to 'Kolb' and/or 'Culp' in the New World. There are several major controversies about basic facts of his life. With this caveat in mind, I will attempt to reconstruct it using the evidence I've found, which largely comes to me by way of my friend and fellow researcher, Bettye Perrine, who received much of it from the Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society. There are conflicting stories as to whether Fredrick was born in Germany or Virginia, but it's more likely he was born in Germany and came to Virginia sometime later. There are also conflicting stories about whether Fredrick served in the Revolution, the War of 1812, and/or the Indian Wars. There is one oral account from William T Bennett in the Alabama Soldiers book which declares that Frederick originally came from Dublin with English troups, and was a drummer boy in the Revolution. Other evidence gathered in this book states that Frederick Culp was a Drummer in Bibb's Co., 6th Regt. (Colman's) Virginia Militia, also same Co., 5th Regt. Virginia Militia, on Feb 27, 1814. He was under Capt. Thomas Bibb and Lt. Col. Edward Jones, 1814..
     The other controversy involves Frederick's wife, Mary. The Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society lists Frederick Culp as married to Mary Flanagan (1775-1862) on 23 Mar 1797. This event occurred in Louisa County, Virginia. This is different than the probably faulty oral record obtained from Frederick's grandson, William T Bennett, who said the marriage to Mary Flanagan occurred in Maryland. An alternative theory states that Frederick Culp married Mary Wright. Evidence to support this includes the 1850 Census for Madison County, AL, in which Frederick and Mary Culp, then 82 and 76, respectively, are living with their daughter, Eliza Jane Culp, and her husband, Guilford/Gilford Bennett. Together with this group is Jane Wright, who later married Mills Jenkins. The Wrights were very close neighbors of the Bennetts and Culps, living only a couple doors down. The Wrights also came from Virginia, and may well have known each other there in Louisa County before moving and settling in Madison County, AL..
     The children of Fredrick Culp and Mary Flanagan include the following:
     Catherine D (1798-1868)
     John M (1807-1850)
     Elizabeth Jane (1819-1901).
     Fredrick Culp probably died in Madison County, Alabama, in 1864. It's believed he was buried somewhere around Huntsville or Gurley, but this is unproven, and the exact location of his grave remains unknown." Compiled by David Metts with help as noted, 2007. - David Metts

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