Thomas Turpin Crittenden

From Dickinson College
 Union Army Brigadier General - American Civil War

Born:October 16, 1825, Huntsville, AL
Died:September 5, 1905, East Gloucester, Massachusetts
Buried:Arlington National Cemetery


•  Married Elizabeth Lorena Baldwin, June 17, 1853, Clark, Indiana - Find a Grave

•  Son of Thomas Turpin and Mary Wilson Parker Crittenden - Find a Grave

•  To rise to the level of Bridadier General, Crittenden would have shown talents and enjoyed many successes. This are detailed in his biographical materials. But very soon after he took charge of the Union garrison at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, "Crittenden and his entire command were captured by Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalrymen. Crittenden was exchanged in October 1862, but his career had been ruined. Early in 1863, he was given command of a brigade previously commanded by William E. Woodruff, but realized he was no longer viewed with confidence. He resigned from the army in May 1863 and saw no further military service." - Wikipedia

•  Father of:
     1. Howard Baldwin Crittenden, 1853 - 1940
     2. Lucy L Crittenden, 1854 - 1940
     3. Florence Crittenden, 1857 - 1880

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