Dr. Joshua Prout Coman

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 Physician and Public Official

Born:April 4, 1812, Wadesboro, NC
Died:Dec. 2, 1885, Athens, AL


•  Much of Dr. Coman's adult life centered in and around Athens Alabama. But when he was two years old (1814), his family moved to Huntsville. His father and another man (Dr. Prout) engaged in the real estate business. "Several houses which they built are still standing among them Dr. Prout's home a tall brick building on the turnpike one mile west of Huntsville. Dr. Coman's mother died there January 1, 1816, and his father, September 23, 1819. His older brothers and sisters were sent to a paternal uncle, James Coman, at Raleigh, N. C, to be educated, but he, being but four years old at the time, was left to the care of two maternal aunts." - Alabama Biography

•  He practiced medicine in Athens and held elected offices. "After the War of Secession he was judge of the probate court of Limestone County, and during the last years of his life was very much interested in the Prohibition movement." - Alabama Biography

•  Medical Doctor, Probate Judge, State Rep, State Senator - Ancesty.com

•  Married Jane Heland Lindley - Ancesty.com

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