Francis Horton Colcock

 Lawyer and Teacher

Born:June 19, 1855, Bellevue, Madison County, AL
Died:Nov. 18, 1925, Columbia, South Carolina
Buried:Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina


•  Francis Colcock was born Bellevue, Madison County, AL on June 19, 1855. He was the "son of Charles Jones and Lucy Frances (Horton) Colcock, the former a native of Boiling Springs, Barnwell County, S. C., who was a merchant at Charleston, S. C., and served as colonel of the Third South Carolina cavalry, C. S. Army; grandson of Thomas Hutson Colcock, who was chairman of the committee that introduced the Nullification Ordinance in 1832, and of Rhoda and Lucy Frances (Otey) Horton, who lived at Huntsville; brother of Prof. Charles J. Colcock, of Charleston, S. C.; and a descendant of Dr. Henry Woodward, the first prominent settler of South Carolina soil. His paternal great-grandfather was a supreme court justice of the state of South Carolina, and president of the Bank of the State of South Carolina, whose father was a member of the council of safety and occupied various offices of distinction. His ancestors figured conspicuously in the Revolutionary and ante Revolutionary period, among them being Judge Smith and Col. Hay of New York, the Horton and Leftwitch families of Virginia, the Colcocks and Hutsons of South Carolina, and the Horton, Robinson, Otey and Pettus families of Alabama." - Alabama Biography

•  "Mr. Colcock received his preparatory education from Henry Archer of Charleston, S. C., from William Currell of Beaufort County, S. C., and from Hugh Train of Savannah, Ga. He was graduated from Union college, Schenectady, N. Y., in 1877, with highest honors. The degree of LL. D. was conferred upon him by the University of Alabama. He studied law under Gen. James Conners, and was admitted to the bar at Charleston, S. C., 1879." - Alabama Biography

•  "He was assistant in the U. S. engineering department for some years under Capt. Post, Capt. Green and Capt. Bailey; practiced law in the firm of Howell, Murphy & Colcock, of Hampton and Walterboro, S. C., 1880 -1882; taught at Porter Military Academy, 1886 -1894; was assistant professor of mathematics, 189-1899, professor, 1899 -1907, professor of mathematics and astronomy, 1907-1911, dean of the department of physics and engineering, 1907 - 1908, dean of the department of engineering and mathematics, 1908 -1912, University of South Carolina; resumed the practice of law, June, 1915; and was a lawyer and planter at Beaufort, S. C. Mr. Colcock was superintendent of the county schools of Charleston County, S. C., and commissioner of the city schools of Charleston, 1892 -1894. He was one of the vice presidents and directors of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress, and was one of the original organizers and incorporators of the United States Good Roads Congress, at Washington, D. C." - Alabama Biography

•  Democrat, Episcopalian, and was a Knight of Phythias. - Alabama Biography

•  Married: August 4, 1880, at Brooklyn, N. Y., to Mary Robert Jones, daughter of Seaborn and Jane Acenith Jones, who lived at Mill Haven, Ga., a descendant of Peter Jones, founder of the city of Petersburg, Va., and of Thomas Smith of South Carolina. - Alabama Biography

•  Father of:
Anna Eustace (born 1884 in SC), married Alva Charles DePass, Columbia, SC
Charles Jones (born 1885 in SC), married Julia Pinckney Wilson, Bluff ton, S. C.
Frances Horton (born 1886 in SC, died 1928), Cliffton Springs, N. Y.
Seaborn Jones (born 1890, died 1918), Columbia, S. C. - Alabama Biography

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