Joseph J. Bradley, Sr.

Joseph J. Bradley, Sr., 1868-1922, from Huntsville-Madison County Public Library: Portrait.
 Agent and General Manager for Merrimack Mill

Nickname:Big Joe
Born:1868, Pennsylvania
Died:October 26, 1922
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  The Bradley Middle (and later, High) School was named after Joseph J. Bradley, Sr. It was a school for the children of mill workers in the Merrimack Mill. Because the mill towns were outside the city limits, the families would be required to pay non-resident fees to continue education past fifth or sixth grade. These families could not afford such fees. So, at some point, the mills built and funded mill schools.

•  Community leader and advocate for Merrimack employees.

•  "Pennsylvania born 'Big Joe' Bradley was the agent and general manager of Merrimack Mill from 1905 until his death October 26, 1922. He was a community leader and an advocate for his employees. Joe Bradley School was named for him. After his death, his son, Joseph J. Bradley, Jr. became Merrimack's agent for about 15 years." - Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

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