Walter H. Buchanan

 A & M President

Born:Feb. 8, 1880


•  President of Alabama A&M 1909-1921 (22 years). Followed the founder William H. Councill (1890-1909) - Alabama Past Leaders

•  He was the son-in-law of William Hooper Councill, the first president - Alabama Past Leaders

•  "During his tenure all freshman, sophomore, and junior males were required to spend '16 hours per week in trade instruction and practice.' The course offerings for coeds consisted of 'domestic science, laundry work, plain and fancy sewing, dressmaking, millinery, and nurse training.'" - Alabama Past Leaders

•  "During his tenure a hospital and domestic science building were constructed on the campus." - Alabama Past Leaders

•  "He resigned in 1927, moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to go into private business." - Alabama Past Leaders

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