Dr. Samuel Brown

Dickinson College

Born:January 30, 1769, Rockbridge County, VA
Died:January 12, 1830, near Huntsville, AL


•  Married: Catherine Percy September 27, 1808. Children: Susan Catherine, James, Catherine. - Ancestry

•  After his wife's death in 1813, he moved to a plantation near Huntsville, Alabama. In 1819, he left Alabama to return to a teaching position at Transylvania in Lexington, Ky. He returned to the Huntsville area for retirement in 1825 - Ancestry

•  "He corresponded with Thomas Jefferson and partly through the influence of Jefferson, was elected a member of the American Philosophical Society." - Ancestry

•  "He is credited with being the first Kentucky physician to write a medical paper published in the New York Medical Repository, the only medical journal published in the United States at that time." - Ancestry

•  Brown was an early supporter and user of the cowpox virus for smallpox inoculation. - Ancestry

•  Son of Rev. John Brown, who emigrated from the north of Ireland to America, and settled in Virginia. - Alabama Biography

•  "He was a graduate of Dickinson college, Pennsylvania; studied medicine under Dr. Rush in Philadelphia; and received his M. D. degree from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland." - Alabama Biography

•  "He practiced medicine in Washington City, Lexington, Ky., New Orleans, and Natchez, Miss., and was professor of the theory and practice of medicine in the Transylvania university, Lexington, Ky., 1819-25." - Alabama Biography

•  "He invented the use of steam in the distillation of spirits; devised the method of clarifying ginseng for the Chinese market; was distinguished for his application of industrial chemistry to agricultural processes; introduced the process of lithotrity in surgery from France into the United States." - Alabama Biography

•  "Advocated in 1799, the gradual emancipation of slaves in Kentucky (where he lived at the time)." - Alabama Biography

•  "He was a successful physician at Huntsville for a number of years." - Alabama Biography

•  He contributed many scientific articles to various papers, philosophical societies and medical journals. - Alabama Biography

•  Last residence: Huntsville. - Alabama Biography

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