Byrd Brandon


Born:December 17, 1798, Burke County,North Carolina
Died:June 3, 1838, On his way to Mexico
Brother of:Hon. William Brandon
Father of:John Dickson Brandon


•  Birthday listed above found here. Alabama Biography gives his birth year as 1800 and does not give a date. - World Connect

•  "He was appointed by President Jackson as United States attorney for the northern district of Alabama, and resigned from this office after holding it for seven years; and was legal adviser to the government commissioner in the treaty with the Creek Indians. In 1825, he held the rank of lieutenant-colonel on the staff of Gov. Pickens, and in 1838, was appointed by President Van Buren to fill the consulate at Campeachy and Tabasco, but died before he could enter on the active discharge of his duties." - Alabama Biography

•  Married: "Mary Jane Caldwell, March 23, 1825. She was from Kentucky. Her paternal ancestors came from Scotland to Ireland, and from Ireland to Virginia, and her immediate family moved to Kentucky in the latter part of the eighteenth century. She was a descendant of the same Caldwell family from which John C. Calhoun was descended, and was a third cousin of the latter. She was also related to Henry Clay." - Alabama Biography

•  Children: Two sons and three daughters, (three survived) of which Capt . John D. Brandon is the youngest child. He lived with his mother in St. Louis after his father's death and later returned to Huntsville where he served with distinction during the civil war. He married Mrs. Rosalie Caldwell Christian, and John D. practiced law in Huntsville until his death. -

•  The Three Children surviving until adulthood: 1. Lucy Ann Ellen Brandon Born Aug. 30, 1927 married Thomas W. Haughton 2. Eliza Rachel Brandon Married Abel Seelye 3. John Dickson Brandon married Rosalie Caldwell Christian - Roots Web

•  Last residence: Huntsville. - Alabama Biography

•  Died on his way to Mexico.

•  "Col. Brandon was popular as a man, and efficient as an official, and his early death deprived the State of a most useful citizen." - Brewer's Alabama History

•  "Married on 23 July in Greenburgh, Ky by Rev. Mr. Hodgkins, Byrd Brandon Esq. of this town to Miss Mary Jane Caldwell of the former place." - World Connect

•  "He spent some years of his life in Lincoln county (near Lynchburg), Tennessee, to which section his parents removed in 1812." - Brewer's Alabama History

•  Father: Josiah Brandon, Mother: Rachel Brown Brandon - Roots Web

•  Early Settler of Madison.

•  "He died the possessor of a handsome estate." -

•  U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, 1830-36; U.S. Consul in Campeche, 1838-39.

• listed the wedding date as Jan. 23, 1825. We have found three different dates for the wedding. All of them list the year as 1825. - Editor's Note

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