Arnaud (Arna) Wendell Bontemps

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 Author, Educator

Born:October 13, 1902, Alexandria, Louisiana
Died:June 4, 1973, Nashville, Tennessee


•  Worked briefly (3 years +/-) for Oakwood College, Huntsville AL. Administrators thought he was too radical and he resigned. - Alabama Literary Map

•  "His work as a librarian and historian point to him as a great chronicler and a preserver of the documents of black cultural heritage." -

•  "Arna Bontemps wrote poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for both children and adults about the black experience in the United States and the Caribbean. Several of his children's books (You Can't Pet a Possum, Sad-Faced Boy, and Mr. Kelso's Lion) are based on his experiences in Alabama. His short story "A Summer Tragedy" is also set in Alabama." - Alabama Literary Map

•  While he didn't live in Alabama long, he continued to use Alabama as the setting for much of his future work. - Modern American Poetry

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