Arvin Joseph Bobo


Born:May 4, 1844, Ohio
Died:November 5, 1910, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Golightly Cemetery, Madison County, AL


•  Married Margaret Angeline Fewry in Zaleski, Vinton Co., Ohio.

•  He enlisted as a private in Company D, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry. He ranked out as a Corporal. - USGWarchives 1

•  "Grew up in Zaleski, Vinton Co., Ohio. But due to lack of employment and business in Zaleski, he moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia for two years. Then in 1888 (after Civil War), he joined a group migration to Alabama and settled in North Alabama, Madison County, at a little place which came to be known as Bobo Station, or just Bobo, after him and his family. The family travelled by river boat from Parkersburg to Louisville, and from Louisville and Nashville by train to Athens, Alabama, where they spent their first night in the state. Then through the wilderness they went to their plot of land in Madison county. Arvie and Margaret were the parents of ten children." - USGWarchives 2

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