Amelia Bradley Bibb

Born:1844, Demopolis, Marengo Co., AL
Died:June 25, 1917, Belle Mina, Linestone Co., AL
Buried:Bibb Cemetery, north side of Bibb-garrett Road, Limestone Co., AL
Wife of:Porter Bibb (b1839)


•  Married:Porter Bibb in 1864, in Marengo County. Porter was a grandson of Governer Thomas Bibb. - Alabama Biography

•  "Amelia, daughter of Nathan and Amanda (Taliaferro) Bradley, of Marengo County; granddaughter of Maj. Benjamin B. and Martha (Watkins) Taliaferro, of Marengo County; great-granddaughter of Gen. Benjamin and Martha (Meriwether) Taliaferro, the former a native of Virginia, appointed a lieutenant in one of the Virginia regiments, which was afterwards placed upon the continental establishment, commanded a company under General Washington in the Jerseys, in 1777-78, later joined the southern army under the command of Generals Lee and Lincoln, captured at Charleston, paroled, removed to Broad River settlement, Elbert County, Ga., in 1784, president of the State senate, member of the United States congress, member of the legislature which passed the Yazoo act, voted against it, and later judge of the superior court, and of James and Jane (Thompson) Watkins, the former a native of Prince Edward County, Va., who removed to Elbert County, Ga.; great-great-granddaughter of Zach Taliaferro, who emigrated from Italy to Virginia, settling in Williamsburg and later removing to Amherst County, Va., of James and Martha (Thompson) Watkins, the former a native of Amelia County, Va., who removed to Georgia about 1796, of David and Mary (Harvie) Meriwether, the former of Amherst County, Va., who removed to Elbert County, Ga., and of Isham and Mary Ann (Oliver) Thompson; great-great-great-granddaughter of Robert Thompson, of Chesterfield County and Branch's Creek, a planter and goldsmith, of William and Martha Watkins, of Chesterfield County, Va., the former's father the progenitor of the family that came from Wales and settled between the York and James Rivers, in Virginia, of Thomas and Mary (McCartie) Oliver, of Bruton Parish, York County, Va., of Thomas and Elizabeth (Thornton) Meriwether, and of John Harvie and wife, a Miss Gaines, the former a native of Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland, who emigrated to Virginia, settling in Albemarle County where he died, his wife removing after his death to the Broad River settlement, Elbert County, Ga.; great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Florence McCartle, son or nephew of Capt. Dennis McCartie, the Irish immigrant to Virginia, and related to the distinguished Florance family in the south of Ireland, of John Oliver, planter who lived in the parish of Hampton, York County, Va., and of David and Anne (Holmes) Meriwether; great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of George Holmes, of King and Queen County, Va., of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Crawford) Meriwether, of New Kent County, Va., the former a native of Wales and from whom the Meriwethers of the south and west trace their ancestry; great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of David Crawford, of Assasquin, New Kent County, Va., and of Nicholas Meriwether, of Wales." - Alabama Biography

•  "MR. BIBB RETURNS FROM MOTHER'S FUNERAL: Robert C. Bibb, local agent for the Southern Railway, has returned from Bell Mina, where he attended the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Amelia Bibb, widow of the late Capt. Porter Bibb. After the impressive funeral services, the remains of Ms. Bibb were lain to rest in the Bibb family burial grounds at Bell Mina." - The Huntsville Daily Times

•  BIBB CEMETERY (north side of Bibb-Garrett Road), LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA (photo of grave here) -

•  Mother of:
1. Bradley Nathan, born 1865, married Josephine S. Ashford
2. Mary Porter, born 1865, married Benjamin D. Lindsays, of Belle Mina
3. Katie Lockhar, born 1867, died 1880
4. Luke Pryor, born 1869, died 1871
5. Augusta Kortech, married (1) Gilmond P. Garrett, (2) George Duncan, of Belle Mina
6. Elmira Bradley, born 1871, died 1949
7. Robert C., born 1873, died 1928, married Camilla Madding, of Huntsville
8. Thomas Porter, born 1873, died 1905
9. Benajah A., born 1877,married Berrlee Jacoway, of Mooresville
10. David Watkins, born 1879, died 1889
11. William Joseph born 1882
12. George Houston, born 1884, died 1885
13. Allan Dandridge, born 1886, died 1901 - Alabama Biography &

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