William Lincoln Barrell

 Owned Lincoln Mill


•  Bought Abington Mill and renamed it Lincoln Mill - Why Is It Named That?

•  "Located about a mile north of downtown, the Lincoln neighborhood traces its beginnings to December 1900. That's when Madison Spinning Co. laid the foundations for a short-lived textile factory that was later renamed Abingdon Mill. In 1918, Massachusetts textile baron William Lincoln Barrell bought the factory out of bankruptcy and turned it into a fabric-making force. Lincoln Mills became the largest of the city's four textile plants, with about 800,000 square feet of production space. Most workers lived in tidy, shotgun-style rental houses a short walk from the factory." - Huntsville Times

•  William Lincoln Barrell, through his role at Lincoln Mill, had a large impact on the town of Huntsville. He was from Lowell, MA and probably never moved here. Google searches lead to several Huntsville links and to no other location.

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