Joseph Austin Balch, Jr.

 Grocer, City Commissioner

Born:May 23, 1911, Madison, AL
Died:March 11, 1998, Huntsville, AL


•  "Joseph A. Balch, Jr., ran the grocery store on Madison's Main Street in the early 1950s as the town began to expand. He served on the city commission and its industrial development board." - Why Is It Named That?

•  Born May 23, 1911 in Madison, AL . Son of Joseph Austin Blach and Clara Irene Vaughn. Grandson of Samuel Williamson Balch. Nephew to Henry Hezekiah Balch. - RootsWeb

•  Married Edna Estelle Hereford on January 29, 1948. Edna was born on September 1905 in New Market, AL. - RootsWeb

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