John Antrobus

 Painter and Writer

Born:c1837, Warwickshire, England
Died:October 18, 1907, Dearborn, Michigan


•  "Born in England, John Antrobus was an itinerant portrait, landscape, and genre painter and also a poet and journalist. He was the first artist to paint a portrait of Ulysses S. Grant and designed the Grant medal authorized by Congress in 1863." - Ask Art

•  Immigrated to the US in 1850 and first settled in Philadelphia. He moved to Savannah, Georgia three years later and then on to Alabama (Montgomery & Huntsville.

•  Art Styles: Realism, Representation, Realist

•  Art Student in Paris before 1900

•  "Artist who painted in Alabama before the Civil War. Before the Civil War he worked in Montgomery (1855) and in Huntsville. After the Civil War he moved to Chicago; then from 1875 until his death he was a resident of Detroit, where he became a leading painter." - Alabama Past Leaders

•  Painting: plantation burial. A writer in a Southern newspaper in 1860 remarked that this painting is "illustrative of a negro funeral, and those conversant with such scenes will at once see how faithfully the artist has performed his task" - Honour

•  "By 1859 he had opened a studio in New Orleans. While in Louisiana, he had ambitious plans to create a twelve painting series depicting southern culture and life. Perhaps the advent of the Civil War curtailed his plans, because Antrobus only completed two of the planned paintings." - Internet Antique Gazette

•  He briefly served in the Confederate Army (Lieutenant in the Delhi Southrons).

•  A Biography, "John Antrobus: Artist, poet" was written by Lyn Allison Yeager in 1982. It is out of print and difficult to find.

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