William Hunt Acklen


Born:November 22, 1802, Tazewell, TN
Died:May 11, 1872, Madison City
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Son of:Elizabeth Hunt Acklen - Grandson of Capt. John Hunt, the founder of Huntsville.
Brother of:John R. H. Acklen
Brother of:Joseph Alexander Smith Acklen
Son of:Samuel Black Acklen
Father of:Theodore Acklen
Father of:William King Acklen


•  "William Acklen was graduated at Greenville College, Tenn.; read law under Ebenezer Titus in Huntsville, and was admitted to the bar in 1823. He was law partner at different times to Caswell R. Clifton, afterwards a circuit court judge in Mississippi, Joseph Acklen, and Smith D. Hale. He represented Madison in the house in 1826, and was four times returned; was elected solicitor in 1832 and held this position for twelve years; defeated Hon. William Fleming for state senator in 1853 and served four years." - Alabama Biography

•  Brother of:
1. John R. H. Acklin Born Jan23, 1800; Died June 14, 1846, Madison City, AL
2. Christiana B. Acklin Born Abt. 1806
3. Sarah Vance Acklin Born Abt. 1810; married McGee; died in Texas.
4. Elizabeth G. Acklin Born: 1813
5. Joseph A.S. Acklin Born July 6, 1816 in Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama
6. Christopher Black Acklin Born Abt. 1818; moved to Texas
7. Palmyra Jane Acklin Born Nov, 1822; married Coleman; Died April 1860
8. Arthur A. Acklin Born in Alabama
9. There may have been a second John here. - Various sources

•  Married: Louisa King daughter of Edmund King of Shelby.

•  Lived in a house on the South West corner Gates & Madison Streets. The house is no longer there. - OldHuntsville.com

•  His son, Pvt William King Acklen, was killed at the Battle of Gaines Mill.

•  "He was a hale and stout man, though disabled for some years by an accident. Physically he was well constituted, with an intellectual head, and cheerful expression. As a solicitor, he was very efficient, and as a man was honorable and energetic." - Brewer's Alabama History

•  He came with his family to Madison County with his family when he was about six years old. - Alabama Biography

•  He was law partner at different times to Caswell R. Clifton, afterwards a circuit court judge in Mississippi, Joseph Acklen, and Smith D. Hale. - Alabama Biography

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