Joshua H. Beadle

 President of Huntsville, 1854

Born:October 6, 1813, Wilson County, Tennessee
Died:April 11, 1896
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  In 1854, Joshua was first an alderman and then became President of Huntsville when Samuel Pette resigned. - Record 2

•  The title of "President of Huntsville" was used instead of "mayor" in the early years. - Editor's note

•  "A new Turnpike Company, the Huntsville and Big Cove, had also been incorporated by Act 199 of February 25, 1860, with books being opened by Septimus D. Cabaniss, Joshua H. Beadle, James H. Mastin, William Fleming, David C. Humphreys, William Wright, Isaac D. Wann, Thomas C. Owen, Mills Jenkins, Albert R. Erskine, John T. Haden, Thomas C. McCalley, William Echols, James H. Scruggs and Egbert Jones." - Record 1

•  Two references were made about a property purchased by the City of Huntsville from Joshua H. Beadle. The property was near the Big Spring and was considered as a site for a new jail. "Public reaction was still unfavorable for the jail to be built there." - Record 2

•  Home listed as 443 W. Clinton - Huntsville City Directory 1896-97

•  Joshua was on the Board of Directors for Huntsville Gas Light Co., Incorporated 1856, Capital Stock, $7,325. President, John S. Dickson; Secretary and Treasury, Wm. Echols; Supt., J. W. Smith. - City Guide 1859-60

•  Married Paulina G. Landman (daughter of William Landman who settled in northeastern portion of the arsenal lands)on January 30, 1839. She was born January 5, 1817 and died October 10, 1886. - Maple Hill and Rankin

•  In the 1860 US Census Population and Slave Schedules had the following information for Joshua H. Beadle:
     Occupation: Merchant
     Value of real estate in thousands of dollars: 25
     Value of personal property in thousands of dollars: 80
     Number of slaves: 0
     Date of pardon after the Civil War: Sept. 29, 1865 - 1860 Census

•  "They only died to live again in worlds of light with Christ to reign." On his tomb stone - Find a Grave

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