Zebulon Pike Davis

 President of Huntsville, 1855-1859, 1860-1861, 1865-1866, 1878-1882

Born:January 16, 1816, Near Lexington, KY
Died:January 3, 1882, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:426 Randolph Avenue SE
Brother of:Captain Dewitt Clinton Davis
Brother of:Nicholas Davis, Jr.
Father of:Norah Clinton Davis


•  The title of "President of Huntsville" was used instead of "Mayor" in the early years.

•  "Col. Zebulon P. Davis died at this residence in this city, on the morning of the 3rd of January, 1882. The deceased was born near Lexington, in the State of Kentucky, on the 16th day of January, 1816, and would, in a few days, have been sixty-six years old. Col. Davis has held several public positions of honor and trust, and was, we believe, faithful and honest in the discharge of the duties devolving upon him. He was an Elector for this Congressional District on the Whig ticket in 1848, a Lieutenant in the Greek war, and was Mayor of this city two or three times before the war, and for four successive terms since the war. In all of these different relations to the public, he was kind and courteous to those with whom he was brought in contact, yet firm and decided in the discharge of his official duties. Col. Davis was, pre-eminently, a charitable man - always ready and prompt to aid the poor and the helpless. In his family relations, he was a considerate and tender father and a devoted husband. His illness was protracted, and his suffering great, yet he bore his affliction without murmur or complaint. Peace to his ashes!" (Editor's note: the data conversion may have said "Greek war" instead of "Creek war". There was a second Creek War in 1836.) - Huntsville Weekly Democrat

•  Married to Williametta EASON, born 1822 Aug 17, Madison County, AL, died 1889 Apr 4; married 1840 Dec 20, Huntsville, AL.

•  "DAVIS, ZEB P., captain, prominent citizen of Madison County; son of Nicholas Davis, sr.; brother of Lawrence Ripley and Clint Davis." - Alabama Biography 1

•  Son of Nicholas Davis, a native of Virginia, a distinguished leader of the Whig party in Alabama, and president of the Alabama State senate for several years, a descendant of John Davis, a soldier of the American Revolution. - Alabama Biography 2

•  Married Wilhametta (Eason) Davis in Huntsville, AL on Dec. 20, 1840. She was born August 17, 1824 in Madison County, Alabama and died Apri 4, 1889 in Huntsville, Alabama - Ancestry.com

•  Son of Martha Hargrove (c.1790-1853) - Ancestry.com

•  Father of:
- William Ripley Davis (1841 - Infant )
- Martha Hargrave Davis (1843, MS - 1865, Huntsville, AL)
- George Lane Davis (1845, Huntsville, AL - April 6, 1900)
- Effie Davis (1847, Huntsville, AL - 1865, Huntsville, AL)
- Anne Lavinia Eason Davis (Oct. 6, 1849, Huntsville, AL - 1917). Married David D. Shelby on Aug 8, 1872 in Huntsville, AL
- Henrietta Eason Davis (Sept. 23, 1851, Huntsville, AL - death information unknown)
- Nicholas Davis (Oct. 5,1853, Huntsville, AL - March 1, 1886, Huntsville, AL). Married Mary Bate Neal on Jan. 2, 1880 in Huntsville, AL
- Zebulon Pike Davis (Oct. 9, 1856, Huntsville, AL - Aug. 6, 1898)
- Williametta Eason Davis (1859, Huntsville, AL - 1867, Huntsville, AL)
- Norah Clinton Davis (Oct. 20 1861, Huntsville, AL - June 10, 1936)
- Robert Lane Davis (1863, Huntsville, AL - Infant, Huntsville, AL )
- Effie Pattie Davis (Dec. 4, 1865 - May 4,1893) - Ancestry.com

•  Served five terms as a Whig mayor of Huntsville before the war and three terms as a Republican mayor after Reconstruction. - Huntsville Historical Review

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