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Looking south on Fountain Row from the now West Court Square (formerly the State National Bank Building) in downtown Huntsville.

A view of John Glenn on the north side of the square in the STS-95 Parade in Huntsville,1999.

Senator John Sparkman cuts the ribbon at the rededication of the First National Bank in Huntsville, June 1967. The historic bank building remains on Huntsville's Courthouse Square as of this date 2017.

In the picture, l-r: Bank President Robert Lowry, Bank employee Hester Mitchell, U.S. Senator John Sparkman and Chairman of the Board M.B. Spragins.

Vintage Photo - Sam Tumminello

A Special Time, Huntsville, Alabama
The photograph of the famous Rotary Clock was made at 12:12 pm on 12/12/2012.
The clock is located in the roundabout near the Huntsville Madison County Library on Monroe Street.

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