William Holding Echols (b1859)

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 Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia

Born:Dec. 2, 1859, San Antonio, TX
Died:Sept. 28, 1934, Charlottesville, Virginia
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Father of:Angus Blakey Echols
Brother of:Charles Patton Echols
Father of:Major General Oliver Patton Echols
Son of:Mary Beirne Patton Echols
Brother of:Susan Patton Echols Spragins
Son of:William Holding Echols (b1834)


•  "Echols, William Holding, B.Sc. Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. (Apr., 1891.)" - AMS.org

•  Ancestry.com lists nine children. Five of the children were born to his first wife Mary Elizabeth Blakey of Charlottesville, VA and four children were born to his second wife, Elizabeth Mitchell Harrison, of New York City.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Blakey (c. 1858, Charlottesville, VA - June 2, 1894) and William Holding Echols (b. 1859):
     1. Jane Johnston Echols (1887 in Alabama - Sept. 1972, Charlottesville, VA)      2. William Holding Echols, 1888 (1888-1891)
     3. Angus Blakey Echols (Oct. 5, 1889 in Huntsville, AL - 1959) married Helen Page (1910-1965). He was on the 1900 Huntsville, AL Federal Census (Age 11)
     4. Oliver Patton Echols (March 4, 1892 in Charlottesville, VA - May 15, 1954 in Los Angeles CA) married Margaret Elizabeth Baily on Dec. 28, 1920 in El Paso, TX. He was listed on the Huntsville, AL Federal Census in 1900 (age eight). Military: USA, USAF. Occupation: Chief Air Corps Material Div; President Northrup Grunman. Religion: Episcopalian. Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, VA
     5. George Blakey Echols (Dec. 22, 1893 in Charlottesville, VA - 1958in Charlottesville, VA). He was on the Huntsville, AL 1900 Federal Census (age 7)

Children of Elizabeth Mitchell Harrison and William Holding Echols (1859)
     1. Leila Harrison Echols (1898 - 1922)
     2. Marion Patton Echols (June 5, 1899 - March 1974 in Charlottesville, VA) Military: USA COL WWII LM, BSM, CR, Korea, LM
     3. Constance Echols (1900 - 1922)
     4. Gessner Harrison Echols (Nov. 2, 1902 in Virginia - 1958) - Ancestry.com

•  There are seven generations of men named William Echols. They were born in the following years: 1700, 1729, 1771, 1800, 1834, 1859, and 1888. William Holding Echols (b.1859) was the last to live to adulthood. His firstborn son (second child) died at the age of three. - Editor's Note

•  "In mathematics, Echols wrote Elementary Textbook on the Differential and Integral Calculus, (1902). For the University community, he composed and delivered lectures on 'The Infinite Mystery' (1912), 'Truth' (1913), and 'The Eleventh Commandment' (1914), all of which concerned philosophical issues and the Honor Code." - UVaMath

•  "Echols, nicknamed 'Reddy' on account of his red hair, became a fixture in the University. He gave the annual address on the honor system to the first year students and was active in Eli Banana, the first of the University's social organizations known as 'ribbon' societies." - UVaMath

•  "William Holding Echols was a student in the University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee, for four years, from August, 1871, until July, 1875. He attended the Episcopal High School of Virginia for three years, from September, 1875, until July, 1878, and in October of the latter year he matriculated in the University of Virginia, where he spent four years as a student, being graduated in the Academic Department with the degree of Bachelor of Science, and in the Engineering Department with the Civil Engineer degree in July, 1882." - Uva

•  "He was Resident Engineer for the Pittsburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railroad Company in 1882; for the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas Railroad Company in 1883; and for the Memphis & Birmingham Railroad Company in 1886. He was also Mining Engineer for the Norfolk & Ouray Mining Company of Colorado in 1883, and for the Boomerang Mine of Colorado in 1885. Since that time his attention has been largely given to educational work, and from 1887 until 1891 he was Professor of Engineering in the Missouri School of Mines of the Missouri State University. From 1888 until 1891 he was Director of the Missouri School of Mines, and in June of the latter year became Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics in the University of Virginia, filling that chair until 1896. He then became Professor of Mathematics, and has occupied that position continuously since June, 1896. He belongs to the American Mathematical Society, and he has contributed some thirty papers on mathematical subjects to various mathematical journals. He is also the author of a text-book on the Differential and Integral Calculus." - UVa

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