William Birney

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 Professor, Union Army General during the American Civil War, Attorney and Author

Born:May 28, 1819, Near Huntsville, AL
Died:August 14, 1907, Forest Glen, MD
Buried:Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington, DC
Brother of:David B. Birney
Son of:James Gillespie Birney (b1792)
Brother of:James Gillespie Birney (b1817)


•  Born near Huntsville on his father's plantation and lived in Huntsville during his early years

•  "Birney was a son of prominent Southern abolitionist leader James G. Birney and the older brother of Civil War general David B. Birney. Another brother, James Birney, served as Lieutenant Governor of Michigan in 1860. A cousin, Humphrey Marshall was a U.S. Congressman and a general in the Confederate States Army." - Wikipedia

•  Highest Rank Achived: Major General - HistoryCentral.Com

•  Campaign:First Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Chaffin's Farm, Darbytown Road, Appomattox. - HistoryCentral.Com

•  He "wrote profusely on the subjects of religion and history. He authored a biography of his father, James G. Birney and His Times; the Genesis of the Republican Party, in 1890." - Wikipedia

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