Virginia Sheppard Cabaniss

 Matriarch in the Cabaniss Family

Born:1824, Virginia
Died:March 21, 1907, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:603 Randolph Avenue SE
Mother of:Frances S. Cabaniss
Wife of:Septimus Douglass Cabaniss


•  "603 Randolph Avenue Septimus Cabaniss purchased the home in 1842 for his young bride, Virginia Sheppard." - Twickenham House Notes

•  "Most of the furnishings were placed there (603 Randolph Avenue) by 'Ma' Cabaniss during her 64 years of housekeeping. During the Civil War, troops camped in the yard. They burned the white paling fence which surrounded the block, but Mrs. Cabaniss continued to keep the gate locked in defiance of the Yankees. The family was required to use the key to open and close the gate." - Twickenham House Notes

•  Sister of Hon. John W. Shepherd of Montgomery

•  Virginia was born in Virginia:-)

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