Thomas Bibb

Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama
 Alabama's Second Governor, 1820-1821

Born:May 8, 1783, Amelia County, VA
Died:September 20, 1839, Mobile, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:300 Williams Avenue SE
Plantation:Belle Mina
Father of:Adeline Bibb Bradley
Father of:David Porter Bibb (b1814)
Brother of:Governor William Wyatt Bibb - Governor of the Territory of Alabama and the first Governor of Alabama
Father-in-law of:Mary Chambers Bibb
Great Grandfather of:Susan Wells White Fickling


•  Became governor after his brother's death. First Governor to live in Alabama.

•  One of the first settlers for the Mississippi territory

•  He married Parmelia Thompson 1805 in Petersburg, Elbert Co., GA, daughter of Robert Thompson and Sarah Watkins. She was born 1784. - FamilyTreeMaker

•  Son of William and Sally (Wyatt) Bibb; brother of Gov. William Wyatt Bibb; Rev. Peyton Bibb; John Dandridge Bibb; and of Benajah Smith Bibb. - Alabama Biography

•  He received his education in Elbert County, Ga., where he grew to manhood. - Alabama Biography

•  In 1811 he moved to Madison County, then in the Mississippi territory where he became a planter and merchant, later removing to Limestone County. He represented the latter county in the constitutional convention of 1819 and the same year was elected to the senate of the new State. He was chosen as president of this body and thus succeeded his brother upon his death. He held this office until December, 1821, and in 1828 and 1829 was elected a representative to the State legislature. - Alabama Biography

•  Married: Parmelia, daughter of Robert and Sarah (Watkins) Thompson, cousins, the former a native of Amelia County, Va., who removed to Elbert County, Ga., later to Belle Mina, Madison County, a merchant and planter; granddaughter of James and Martha (Thompson) Watkins, of Amelia County, Va., later of Georgia, and of Robert Thompson, of Chesterfield County, Va.; great-granddaughter of William and Martha Watkins of Chesterfield County, Va., and of Robert Thompson, goldsmith and planter, of Henrico, now Chesterfield County, Va. - Alabama Biography

•  "An old ghost tale recently told at the annual Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll. When the Governor Thomas Bibb's term ended and time came to break up the Governors Home, in Huntsville 17 miles east of here, a discussion between Thomas & his wife ensued as to where they would live. Thomas wanted to come back to his old home here in Belle Mina/(Manor) because he deeply loved the serenity and quietness of the rural life. His wife disagreed as she was contented with the active social circles of early Huntsville. The Governor's wife won out and they continued to live in Huntsville, but the Governor was never completely content with the decision. He made many trips back to the old home place here. It is said that in the quietness of the night one can see & hear the hustle and bustle of the apparition of the Governor shuttling back and forth between Huntsville's Maple Hill Cemetery and Belle Mina Alabama some 17+ miles away. [As told here by Wayne Austin. 9 Sep 2010. I do not recall the name of the actors at the Stroll who related this story, but if you get a chance to attend this annual spring event you will enjoy it.]" - family story

•  Children: Peyton Dandridge Bibb, born December 1823, died January 0, 1824. "Died in this place Saturday evening last, Peyton Dandridge Bibb, infant son of Thomas Bibb, Esq., aged 4 month, 22 days." (Al. Newspaper.) - Peyton was one of three children that died in infancy.
The following children lived to be adults.
-Adeline, 1806 -1894, married James Bradley (1822)
-Emily Julie, 1808 - 1849, married James Pleasants (1824)
-Thomas, Jr. 1810 - 1861, married Anna Corbin Pickett (1857)
-William Dandridge "Will", 1810-1880, married Mary Mitchell (1840)
-David Porter "Porter", 1814 - 1865, married Mary Chamgers Betts (1835)
-Elmira, 1816 - 1887, married Archibald Mills (1833)
-Robert Thompson, 1818 - 1861, married Ann Bradley (1843)
-Eliza Parmelia, 1821 - 1899, married Arthur Moseley Hopkins (1837 - family story

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