Susanna Claiborne Withers Clay

 Wife of Governor Clay

Born:Born July 23, 1798, Locust Grove, Dinwiddie, Virginia
Died:Jan 2, 1866, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Mother of:Clement Claiborne Clay
Wife of:Clement Comer Clay - Governor of Alabama
Mother of:Hugh Lawson Clay
Mother of:John Withers Clay


•  Mother of:
1. Clement Claiborne
2. John Withers
3. Hugh Lawson, d., lawyer, b. January 24, 1823, captain in the Mexican war, member of the staff of Gen. E. Kirby Smith, and colonel, C. S. Army, m. Celeste Comer - Alabama Biography

•  Married: April 4, 1815, Madison County, AL, Clement Comer Clay -

•  Daughter of John Wright Withers (1776-1848) and Mary Herbert Jones (1777 - 1848). Both originally from Virginia. They were married in 1795 in Virginia and moved to Madison County, Alabama between 1800 and 1810. - If the Legends Are True

•  Sister of Gen Jones Mitchell Withers and eight more siblings. - If the Legends Are True

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