Susan Catharine Russel Erskine

Born:Feb. 14, 1805, Leesbury, Lexington, VA
Died:April 17, 1892, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:515 Franklin Street SE
Grandmother of:Albert Russel Erskine (b1871)
Daughter of:Col. Albert Russel
Mother of:Dr. Albert Russel Erskine (b1827)
Wife of:Dr. Alexander Erskine (b1791)


•  Mother of:
     Her first two children died in infancy.
     Mary Jane Erskine, wife of James H. Mastin, a prominent citizen of Huntsville
     Dr. Albert R. Erskine, prominent physician at Huntsville, AL
     Dr. Alexander Erskine, Physician in Memphis, TN
     Laura E. Erskine, wife of Dr. Wilkinson in Huntsville, AL
     Thomas Fearn Erskine
     James A. Erskine
     Miss Kate A. Erskine, of Huntsville
     William M. Erskine, father of Albert Russel Erskine's
     Dr. John H. Erskine (His bio is included in his brother's bio in Speer's book of Tennessee notables) - Speer

•  Russel is sometimes spelled Russell - Editor's note

•  In some references, her birthplace is listed as Loudon County, VA - Editor's note

•  "Daughter of Col. Albert Russel, who was a Lieutenant-colonel in the Revolutionary Army, and was with Washington in his marches. He moved from Virginia to Alabama in the early days of the latter state, where he resided till his death. Susan was the third of five children." - Speer

•  "She is a woman of remarkable common sense, of fine judgment, or high Christian character and principle, and has been an ornament to the town of Huntsville from her earliest years. She married in 1820 at the early age of fifteen. She is a noble type of the southern women of the past time. She has been a member of the Presbyterian church since 1822. Her mother's maiden name was Nancy Hooe of an old Virginia family. Her brother, Dr. Albert Russel, who died at Huntsville in 1844, was a partner of her husband, Dr. Alexander Erskine." - Speer

•  Moved to Huntsville with her parents in 1816 at the age of eleven. - Speer

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