Sarah Fanning

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 Educator and Administrator

Wife of:Dallas Fanning


•  "Sarah Fanning is a Curriculum and Instructional Assistant at Buckhorn High School. Before assuming this position in 1996, Fanning spent twenty years in the secondary classroom as an English teacher. As a presenter for ARI, Fanning has trained principals and teachers throughout Alabama and the southeastern United States in literacy interventions. A pioneer member of the Key Leaders of Alabama, Fanning is currently facilitating a statewide book study for the Best Practices Center of Alabama. She has served on the governing board for Alabama A&M University and the University of Alabama-Huntsville Regional In-service Center." - Alliance

•  "Mrs. Fanning graduated from Buckhorn High School in 1965. She received her B.S. in Secondary Education specializing in English and History from the University of Alabama. Her Masters Degree in Education came from Alabama A&M University with AA Certification. Mrs. Fanning came to Buckhorn High School in 1988. She currently over sees the Curriculum Instructional Program." - Buckhorn

•  "Sarah Fanning, assistant principal at Buckhorn High School in New Market, AL, was described by her principal as 'the single greatest factor in the transformation of [our] average rural Alabama high school into a Nationally Recognized School of Excellence.' As an instructional leader at Buckhorn, Fanning has been promoting literacy instruction, transforming teaching strategies school-wide, and putting the best teachers with the lowest-performing students. Her strategies have worked. In less than 10 years, average scores on the reading portion of state graduation exams have risen from the 56th percentile to the 99th percentile, prompting a profile of the school in NASSP's 2005 literacy handbook, Creating a Culture of Literacy. Fanning's work has been recognized in several publications and by the Alabama Association of Secondary School Principals, which named her 2008 Alabama Assistant Principal of the Year. She has presented on adolescent literacy regionally and nationally, mentors upcoming assistant principals and serves as a model instructional leader for school districts across Alabama and the southeast. Fanning is a co-presenter for a session titled, 'Gather the Troops for the Literacy Charge,' at the 2008 NASSP Convention in San Antonio, TX." - NASSP

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