Samuel Cruse

 President of Huntsville, 1831-1832 and Railroad Executive

Born:January 7, 1795, Baltimore,Maryland
Died:Febuary 21, 1864, Perry County, AL
Residence:600 Adams Street SE
Father of:Mary Anne Cruse - Mary Anne Cruse
Father of:Samuel Ridgely Cruse - Samuel Ridgely Cruse


•  The title of "President of Huntsville" was used instead of "mayor" in the early years.

•  Secretary and Treasurer of the Eastern Division of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, and, when the Eastern and Western Divisions were consolidated, was elected Secretary and Treasurer of the whole line, and removed to the headquarters at Memphis. - Newspaper Abstracts

•  "In his last will and testament he says, 'should my said wife Harriet Maria Cruse marry again, then I bequeath her portion of my said Estate Real and Personal hereby bequeathed to her to be divided equally among my above named five children. I insert this provision only to guard my wife from the designs of unprincipled men, who, when her faculties may become impaired by age, may for the sake of her property induce her to think that she will benefit herself and children by the choice of another protector.'" - Gen forum

•  Children: Mary Ann Cruse, Samuel Ridgley Cruse, Helen Maria Percy Cruse, William Henry Cruse, and Harriet Coleman Cruse

•  Head of the land of the Federal Land Office in Huntsville.

•  Samuel Cruse built his "house in 1825 on a lot he purchased in 1819 when Alabama became a state. The home still stands at the corner of Adams Ave. and Cruse Alley." - Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

•  Married Harriet Maria Coleman

•  Son of Jacob Cruse and Mary Hoffman of Baltimore. Addition posted by Allan Ross1 and the research was done by the Maryland Geneological Socity. -

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