Octavia Fletcher Frazier

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 Wrote About Her Father and the Times Following the Civil War

Born:April 23, 1873, Limestone County, Alabama
Died:March 1969, Memphis, Tennessee
Daughter of:Dr. Richard Matthew Fletcher (1830)


•  As his daughter, her own story is woven into her father's biography. - Frazier

•  Octavia's nephew, Richard F. Pride, wrote of her in the foreword: "All the members of our family love and respect Aunt Octavia. She is a person of fire and spirit. True, we have sometimes been a bit charmed by her vigorous activities in various civic and public affairs, always interested in politics and having been a pioneer suffragist, but we know her also as an ardent member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Colonial Dames, Federated Womens Club, a faithful, hard-working churchwoman, and generally a quiet, loyal friend of all who have had the pleasure of knowing her, but always her family first in all undertakings." - Frazier

•  Married Dr. John Eadens Frazier June 7, 1898 in Madison Co., AL. He was a dentist. - Frazier

•  Mother of five children: "Mary Byron who married Charles Marion Woolfolk of Montgomery, John Eldrea, single, Kebeckah Mason, who married Ernest Peverley Schumacher and lives in Memphis, Tennessee, Branch who married Charles Ward Botsford of Michigan - and they live at Kockford, Maryland. My oldest granddaughter - Marion Woolfolk married Dr. S . Gaines Stubbins of Birmingham. They have two daughters; the eldest is called Fletcher; the name carries on. Sydney Fletcher, our youngest married Mildred Hanson whose family was from Dakota. They have three sons." - Frazier

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