Mary Louise Fletcher

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Born:Aug. 1, 1876, Madison County, Alabama
Died:December 2, 1929, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Daughter of:Captain Algernon Sidney Fletcher (1833)
Sister of:Charles Fletcher
Wife of:John LeVert Coleman - She was his first wife and their marriage ended in divorce
Sister of:Shelby Sidney Fletcher


•  On Feb. 25, 1902 Mamie married John LeVert Coleman (Sept. 7, 1877-Jan. 28, 1953) on Feb. 24, 1902 in Madison County, AL at the home of General S. H. Moore and Rev. J. M. Banister officiated. LeVert Coleman is also featured in this collection. He was a West Point graduate and had a honored career in military, diplomatic and business arenas. Mamie often accompanied him on his postings around the world. Their marriage ended in a divorce about 1919. -

•  Daughter of A. S. Fletcher and Matilda Holding Fletcher - Find A Grave

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