Mary Beirne Patton Echols

Born:Nov. 1838, Huntsville, AL
Died:June 8, 1924, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Mother of:Charles Patton Echols
Daugher of:Susan Patton Echols Spragins
Wife of:William Holding Echols (b1834)
Mother of:William Holding Echols (b1859)


•  Married on January 19, 1859 to William Holdings Echols (born 1834) - Thayer

•  "Daughter of Dr. Charles Hays Patton and Susan Plunkett (Beirne) Patton, of Huntsville. the former of whom was graduated, A. B., from Yale University, and M. D., from University of Pennsylvania; granddaughter of William and Martha (Hays) Patton, natives respectively of Londonderry, Ireland, and Louisa County Va., who settled in Huntsville; great granddaughter of Robert and Jane (Ramsey) Patton, natives of Londonderry, Ireland, who came to Monroe County, Va." - Alabama Biography

•  Children:
     1. Caldonia D Echols, Sept. 3, 1858, Lincoln TN - April 6, 1919, Ellis Texas
     2. John Washington Echols, Sept. 24, 1858, Mississippi - Nov. 23, 1931
     3. William Holding Echols, 1859, (Dec. 2, 1859 San Antonio, TX - Sept. 28, 1934
     4. Susan Patton Echols Spragins, "Sussie" (Feb. 17, 1864, Huntsville, AL - March 25, 1918, Huntsville, AL)
     5. Charles Patton Echols, 1867 - 1940 -

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