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Cora Barley Binford & Margaret Anne Goldsmith (from Catalogue)

A Portrait of Margaret Anne Goldsmith by Maurce Grosser Circa 1947 (from Catalogue)
 A Historian and Philanthropist Dedicated to Preserving the Heritage and History of the Jewish Community in Huntsville

Born:October 6, 1941, Huntsville, AL
Childhood Residence:206 Gates Avenue SE
Childhood Residence:Hotel Russel Erskine
Office:The I. Schiffman Building
Daughter of:Lawrence B. Goldsmith, Jr. (b1909)
Granddaughter of:Annie Schiffman Goldsmith
Granddaughter of:Lawrence B. Goldsmith, Sr. (b1883)
Great Granddaughter of:Bettie Herstein Schiffman
Great Granddaughter of:Isaac Schiffman
Great Granddaughter of:Betty Bernstein Goldsmith
Great Granddaughter of:Oscar Goldsmith


•  "After my parents' separation in 1942 I lived with my father who received custody of me. We lived with my grandparents until 1953 when my father married Jewell. I attended religious school at Temple B'nai Sholom and the public schools in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1957 I left Huntsville to attend Mount Vernon Seminary of Washington, D.C., graduating from that institution in 1959. I then entered Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University, graduating in 1963." - 5 Generations

•  Margaret Anne Goldsmith wrote an article starting with this paragraph: "Employees and resident guests alike knew me as Mr. Lawrence Goldsmith, Sr. and Miss Annie Goldsmith's granddaughter, and Mr. Lawrence Goldsmith, Jr.'s daughter. I lived in the Russel Erskine Hotel for most of every year from the spring of 1941, when I was a few months old, until I was twelve."
     She continues to share her childhood memories living at the Hotel Russel Erskine. You can read the article through the link "Hotel" below. - Hotel

•  Children of Margaret Anne Goldsmith and John Jerome Hanaw are:
     John Jerome Hanaw II, b. 20 Jul 1966, New Orleans, LA.
     Barbara Esther Hanaw, b. 04 Jun 1968, New Orleans, LA.
     Laurie Anne Hanaw, b. 30 Mar 1971, New Orleans, LA. -

•  "She is a native of Huntsville but lived for an extended time in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has a interest in the role of Jewish people in the history of the South." - 5 Generations

•  Board Member for Historic Huntsville Foundation - Editor's Note

•  "In 1995, she returned to Huntsville to become president of the company, and to transition from the company's rural property holdings to residential and commercial development.
     Her family history dates back to the 1850s in Huntsville, and she said her concept of philanthropy came from her ancestors. They built the Goldsmith Schiffman Field, led the group that founded Huntsville Hospital, worked to build Temple B'nai Sholom, and provided leadership in bringing Redstone Arsenal to Huntsville.
     Goldsmith has a passion for historical objects and works to place them in strategic locations in the community. Some items have been the Southern Railway locomotive bell at the Depot Museum, Russel Erskin Hotel artifacts at the Huntsville Historic Foundation, returning the Little Lion to Big Spring Park, and a major collection of family manuscripts to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.
     (The article also details her other activities and awards.) - Deep South Jewish Voice

•  "Margaret Anne Goldsmith donated 300 acres of land to the city in 2003 for use as the Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Preserve." - Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities

•  December 16, 2003: "Margaret Ann Goldsmith donates 300 acres of undeveloped property to be used for a wildlife park. The Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Hampton Cove and the 520 acre Hays Nature Preserve." - Eden

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