Major General Oliver Patton Echols

U.S. Air Force photo from Wikipedia
 Major General & President Northrop Grumman

Born:March 4, 1892, Charlottesville, VA
Died:May 15, 1954, Los Angeles, CA
Buried:Arlington National Cemetery, VA
Son of:William Holding Echols (b1859)


•  He was listed on the Huntsville, AL Federal Census in 1900 (age eight). -

•  Military: USA, USAF -

•  Episcopalian -

•  Occupation: Chief Air Corps Material Div; President Northrup Grunman. -

•  Married Margaret Elizabeth Baily on Dec. 28, 1920 in El Paso, TX -

•  Family moved from Huntsville and his father took a position at the University of Virginia in 1891, he was born in Charlottesville, Val in 1892 but his mother died in Huntsville, AL in 1894. He was listed on the 1900 & 1910 Federal Censuses in Huntsville AL at the age of eight and eighteen, living in his grandfather's home. His father remarried in 1897. - Various Sources

•  "The Man Who Won World War II." - Wikipedia

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