Lindsay G. Fields, Jr.

 Teacher & Postmaster for A&M

Brother of:Addison J. Fields
Brother of:James P. Fields
Son of:Rev. Lindsay G. Fields (1892)


•  Dr. Hereford tells of help he received from L.G. Fields: "Another piece of luck came from Tom's bragging around town that his brother was going to Meharry. One day he was playing cards at the American Legion Hut down on Gallatin, and at the table was a teacher named L. G. Fields, who later became postmaster at A&M. When Mr. Fields heard Tom say I was going to Meharry, he said he'd once been a student there himself until health problems forced him to drop out and that he still had all his textbooks, to which I was welcome. Some of those, like Gray's Anatomy, cost seventy-five or eighty dollars. When I went to see Mr. Fields, he told me he also had some dissecting equipment and other surgical supplies, plus a $299 microscope, one of the best you could buy, and that I could take it and use it as long as I needed it." - Hereford

•  Married Lillie P. Jackson, October 14, 1953 (dates given here are for the marriage license, not necessarily for the wedding.) - MCRC

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