Judge William Francis Esslinger (b1868)

 Lawyer & Probate Judge

Nickname:W. F. or "Frank"
Born:Jan. 9, 1868 or 1869, Ft. Deposit, AL
Died:Feb. 18, 1951, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Mapel Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Son of:Andrew Jackson Esslinger (b1844)
Brother of:Dr. Wade Hampton Esslinger
Father of:Nell Esslinger
Grandson of:William Wright Esslinger


•  Married Blanche Chandler Russell (Jan. 4, 1870-Sept. 25, 1957) on December 14, 1899 in Jackson, AL. She was the daughter of J. P. Russell and Martha Daniel McCullough Russell. - Ancestry.com

•  Son of Andrew Jackson Esslinger (1844-1929) and Catherine Margaret Fennell (1857-1884). He was one of seven children. - Ancestry.com

•  Descendent of Capt. John Cook, Fourth Continental Dragoons in Col. William Washington's Cavalry. - Application for Sons of the American Revolution

•  Father of:
     1. Russell Jackson Esslinger was born on 14 Apr 1901and died circa 1981 in Pennsylvania at age 80.
     2. Nell Daniel Esslinger was born on 13 Jun 1903 and died in 1996 in Florence, Alabama at age 93.
     3. Francis Esslinger (William Francis, Jr.) was born on 20 May 1907 and died on 13 May 1989 at age 81.
     4. Blanche Esslinger (Mrs. Royce H. Dorris) was born on 25 Feb 1911 and died on 19 Feb 2003 at age 91. - rolodafile.com & Ancestry.com

•  Probate Judge for a number of years. - Find a Grave

•  Jury Commission, 1920-1921 - Record, Vol. 1

•  Last name sometimes spelled Eslinger (with only one "s") - Editor's Note

•  His wife, Blanche, attended Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, MD - Obituary for his wife

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