Josephine McCaleb Balch

 Cultural Leader

Born:c. 1892
Died:March, 1953, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:512 Eustis Avenue SE
Wife of:Henry Hezekiah Balch


•  "Mrs. Balch once taught Physics and Chemistry at Ronoke Institute (now Averett College), Danville, Virginia. Since her marriage she has been occupied as homemaker in foreign countries with her husband and as a farmer in Alabama since his retirement. She was a member of the University Club, Adelaide, Australia, and of Port Seaton Golf Club in the same city. She is Past President of Athens College Alumni Association and serves on their Executive Board. She organized Girl Scouts in Madison County and was their First Commissioner. A member of Daughters of the American Revolution, she has held several offices in Twickenham Town Chapter. She is a communicant of the Episcopal Church and is a Past President of the Women of the Church of the Nativity." written in 1961. - Grove

•  Some contradiction as to where she was born. Grove says near Huntsville, AL Rootsweb says Danville, Va. - Grove

•  Henry and Josephine had three children: Colonel Jackson McCaleb, born in Canada; Dr. Henry Hezekiah, Jr., born in Paraguay; and Mrs. Sylvia (Balch) Warren Thomas, born in Australia. - Roots Web

•  Children are: Col. Jackson M. Balch, Signal Corps, Alabama National Guard; Dr. Henry H. Balch, Jr ., Professor of Surgery, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.; and Mrs. Sylvia (Balch) Warren, French teacher at University of Alabama Center, Huntsville and an illustrator at Redstone Arsenal for seven years. - Grove

•  Mr. Balch and Josephine Irene 'Josie' McCaleb were married at Danville, Virginia, May 13, 1915. "From then on, she was her husband's constant support in all foreign assignments and represented the United States most favorably always." - Grove

•  "Daughter of Joseph Edmund and Virginia Elizabeth (Rogers) McCaleb. She is a descendant of Captain William McCaleb of Inverness, Scotland, whose son, Captain William McCaleb, commanded a Company Hussar 91st Militia of South Carolina Continentals in the Revolutionary War and was a member of the South Carolina Convention that ratified the Federal Constitution. On the maternal side, she descends from Joseph Rogers of Virginia who was also in the Revolutionary War." - Grove

•  She received a B. S. degree in 1913 from Athens College and pursued graduate work at University of Chicago. On May 13, 1915, she married Henry Hezekiah Balch of Huntsville, Alabama. - Grove

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