John Jacob Fackler

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 Merchant, Entrepreneur

Nickname:John J. or J. J.
Born:1801, Staunton, Virginia
Died:July 1874, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama.
Residence:518 Adams Street SE
Husband of:Elizabeth Melvina Turner Fackler - Married January 17, 1826, in Huntsville, Alabama
Father of:Elvira Fackler Nichol
Father of:Mary Gypie Fackler Terry
Father of:Sarah "Sallie" Moran Fackler Pynchon


•  Son of John Fackler (Born November 10, 1772, Hagerstown, Maryland) and Nancy Abney - Family Tree Maker

•  Married Elizabeth W. Turner on January 17, 1826. - Fackler Home

•  "Fackler, his wife and family were extremely hospitable. Their home was the setting for lavish balls, masquerades and other entertainment, complete with string orchestra and perfumed with flowers from the Fackler's terraced gardens. Traces of the garden, reputedly laid out by an English gardener, survived into the 1960's." - Fackler Home

•  "Mr. Fackler enlarged, remodeled, and redecorated, making the home into a nineteen-room mansion. Many antebellum parties, such as masquerades and cotillions, were held in this spacious home." - Glimpses

•  Father of:
John Turner Fackler, b., of Huntsville, Alabama, d. 1910, married Jane Clemens Reed in Huntsville, AL
Calvin Morgan Fackler, d. 1864, Rome, Georgia, married Anna Kirk
Sally Morgan Fackler, d. 1924, married Louis Pynchon
Elvira Fackler, married William Nichol
Mary Franklin Fackler, d. 1910, married David Terry
Charles William Fackler. - Family Tree Maker

•  Huntsville Treasurer 1828-1845 - Record II

•  Master in the years 1827 & 1828 - Helion Lodge

•  He was, among other things, a commission merchant. That is an agent who bought and sold goods for the plantation owners he represented. - Fackler Home

•  1856, "The North Alabama Telegraph Company of New York opened a telegraph office on Eustis Street. John Fackler was named president of the company. Huntsville now had contact with Memphis and Montgomery by wire." - Eden, p. 34

•  "Articles of Incorporation were filed for the Presbyterian Church in Huntsville in February 1869. The Board of Trustees listed were John J. Fackler, Samuel Coltart, Isaiah Dill, William B. Figures, Robert W. Coltart, Robert G. Smith, and Mathew W. Steele." - First Presbyterian Church

•  "In 1823 the store next to Veitch's Corner was occupied by John J. Fackler, who advertised: 'a general assortment of Seasonable Goods, also: Gold Epaulettes, Gold & Silver Swords, Sword Knots, etc.'" and then another ad reading "Ready Money Establishment. The subscribers have just received and are now opening at their Cash Store (next door to Veitch's Store on the Public Square) a large, general and complete assortment of: Dry Good, Hardware, Queens Ware, Groceries, Etc. comprising every article usually wanting, which they offer for sale at reduced prices for cash and cash only. J. J. Fackler & Co. - Fisk

•  1862 General Albert Sidney Johnston, with his staff stayed as guest of J.J. Fackler for three days. - Eden, p. 43

•  "They arrested Fackler for aiding 'rebel soldiers' to escape. When they asked him if he had not done so, he said he had & would do so again." - Journalist's Perspective

•  Post Civil War Pardons entry reads: "Fackler. John J.: VA 1802; comm, merchant; 14; 150; 17;- Jan. 4, 1866. Fackler was Joe Bradley's business partner." - Pardons

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