James Lanier Darwin, III

 Master Craftsman & Machinist

Born:October 27, 1939, Huntsville, AL
Died:June 1, 2011, Rimrock, AZ
Grandson of:Dr. James Lanier Darwin
Grandson of:Martha Lee Patton Darwin


•  Cowboy for ten years on the Apache Maid and Mahan Ranches in Northern AZ.
     Gun Smith
     Master Craftsman
     Machinist at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ - Huntsville Times

•  "On 23 June 2011, Pluto passed in front of a star and cast a small shadow on the Earth, and astronomers from Lowell Observatory were waiting. Four Lowell astronomers were among the scientists and crew who observed the rare occultation event from NASA's newest airborne observatory, SOFIA-the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy." - Lowell Observatory

•  "Lowell Observatory remembers two key HIPO team members who passed away in the few months before the first flight: James Elliot and James Darwin. Over the years, Lowell Observatory astronomers have worked closely with MIT astronomer Jim Elliot, who was a Co-Investigator on the HIPO project, was also on the Lowell staff and would spend summers working at Lowell Observatory. Dr. Elliot passed away in March 2011, less than a month before the group received word that the Pluto occultation had been approved for SOFIA. Jim Darwin, Lowell's machinist for many years, fabricated most of HIPO's components. Jim retired in 2005 and passed away this June, less than a month before the commissioning flight." - Lowell Observatory

•  Son of James and Polly Darwin - Huntsville Times

•  Married: Judy - Huntsville Times

•  Father of: Robert Darwin, Kenny Darwin, Sherry Darwin Rossman, Mary Darwin Johnson - Huntsville Times

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