James Gillespie Birney (b1817)

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 Lawyer, Professor, Publisher, Politician, U.S. Minister to the Netherlands

Born:June 17, 1817, Danville, KY
Died:May 8, 1888, Bay City, Michigan
Buried:Buried Bay City, Michigan
Brother of:David B. Birney
Son of:James Gillespie Birney (b1792)
Brother of:William Birney


•  Graduated, 1836 Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. (For two years taught Greek and Latin there after graduation) - Wikipedia

•  Studied Law at Yale college - Wikipedia

•  Married Amanda Moulton, the stepdaughter of Nathaniel Bacon, of New Haven. - Wikipedia

•  Politician in Michigan (State Senate & Lieutenant Governor), Lawyer, Professor, Publisher of a weekly Republican paper (Bay City Chronicle), US Minister to the Netherlands. - Wikipedia

•  "He had five children with his wife Amanda: James G. Birney, Arthur Moulton Birney, Sophia Hull (Blackwell), Alice (Mrs. Frank Blackwell) and one child that died in infancy. The eldest, James G., distinguished himself as Captain in the 7th Regiment of Michigan Volunteers, and died while an officer of the U.S. regular army." - Wikipedia

•  Spent his early years in Huntsville, AL - Wikipedia

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