James Bradley

 Cotton Broker and Commission Merchant

Born:1802, Elbert County, GA
Residence:405 Franklin Street SE
Husband of:Adeline Bibb Bradley - Adeline Bibb Hay was the daughter of Gov. Thomas Bibb
Grandfather of:Susan Wells White Fickling


•  Son of James Bradley and Naomi Wells (or maybe his mother's name was Martha Gaines Jordan.) - Early Settlers

•  Cotton Broker and commission merchant in Huntsville and New Orleans. - Alabama Biography

•  Married Adeline S. Bibb November 14, 1822 in Madison County, Alabama. - Ancestry.com

•  Father of:
     1. Susan Bradley was born in 1823 in AL, and died 1893, married Thomas W. White in 1839 (Thomas born in 1819) daughter Susie White Fickling (born about 1863 AL, married Frank Fickling)
     2. Sarah Ann Bradley was born in 1824 in AL, and died after 1899, unmarried
     3. James Pleasants Bradley was born in 1828 in AL, died young
     4. William Bradley was born in 1835 in AL, and died in 1880, married with two children
     5. Adeline Bradley was born in 1837 in AL. She married Lucien Weakley (born in1833 in AL) Lucien became a widow when Adeline died, no children
     6. Pattie Bradley was born in 1840 in AL, died young
     7. John Bradley was born in 1845 in AL, and died in 1898, unmarried (Talented and bright. Prominent in railroad affairs, connected with Memphis and Charleston road in Alabama, and Assistant Manager of Mississippi Valley road 188, headquarters at New Orleans.
     8. Thomas Bibb Bradley was born in 1826 and died in 1854, never married. - Early Settlers

•  "405 Franklin Street is known as the Bradley Homestead. It was given to James Bradley (Adeline's husband) by his father-in-Law, Governor Thomas Bibb." - Twickenham House Notes

•  "300 Williams Street (HABS) - Bibb-Newman-Hutchens Home (1824-1832) Exterior walls are 20 inches thick. Upstairs and downstairs rooms are 20 x 22 with 16 ft. ceilings. Only change in house is that kitchen is now part of the house. Recent research indicates that perhaps part of the house dates from 1817-1818. There is a family tradition that construction took 9 years. There are family letters written from the address as early as 1818-1819. Federal woodwork and small panes in windows in basement room on the right cause authorities to speculate that perhaps a Federal house stood on the site at that time. The home was built by Thomas Bibb, second governor of Alabama, for his daughter. Some say that it was a wedding present planned by Gov. Bibb himself and a refinement of his own home at Belle Mina. Another story about the house concerns the wedding of Gov. Bibb's granddaughter, Susan. It is said that the serving table literally fell under the weight of the delicious food served on this happy occasion. In late 1840's Mr. Bradley, husband of the Governor's daughter Adeline Bibb Hay, suffered losses in the cotton market and the house was sold to George P. Bierne. He owned the house during the Civil War period and was one of the 12 prominent citizens held hostage against the good behavior of the citizens of Huntsville by Gen. O.M. Mitchel. The house was used as quarters by officers of the Federal troops occupying Huntsville. This home remained in the Bierne family until it was sold in 1927 to William E. Butler. In 1927 ownership returned to descendants of the original owners when the Hutchens family purchased the home. Nine generations, of the Bibb family have occupied this lovely home." - Twickenham House Notes

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