Hezekiah Balch

 Ran Indian Creek Grist Mill

Born:1811, Sparta, White County, TN
Died:July, 1873, Madison County, AL
Buried:Mount Zion, Madision Co., AL
Grandfather of:Henry Hezekiah Balch
Grandfather of:Jesse Burton Balch


•  Married to Tabitha Vaughn on August 1, 1840. Tabitha was born on May 6, 1822 in VA and she died on June 24, 1874 in Madison Co., AL She was buried in Mt Zion, Madison County, AL. They had 13 children. - Ancestry.com

•  Two grandsons of interest: Henry Hezekiah Balch. Born on December, 17 1852 in Madison Co., AL He died on May 15 1934 in Madison, AL. He was buried in Mr. Zion Cemetery. Son of Samuel Williamson and Martha Ann Parsons. - Ancestry.com

•  Maybe the first Balch in the area. He ran the Indian Creek grist mill. - Why Is It Named That?

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