Henrietta Newman Bernstein

From 5 Generations

Morris Bernstein, Betty Bernstein Goldsmith and Henrietta Newman Bernstein (from 5 Generations)
Born:1829, Bischafsheim, Germany
Died:March 20, 1897
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery
Residence:206 Gates Avenue SE
Wife of:Morris Bernstein
Mother of:Betty Bernstein Goldsmith


•  While her husband owned a watch and jewelry shop. "Henrietta Newman Bernstein had a notions store. I believe her shop was also located on the South Side of the Public Square near the jewelry store." - Catalogue

•  "Morris and Henrietta had three children, all of whom were born at #3 South Side of the Public Square in Huntsville. Daughter Sophie Bernstein was born September 23,1857 and died in Huntsville, Alabama March 1, 1938 at the age of 81. Daughter Betty Bernstein, my mother, was born September 25, 1859 and died November 29,1928 at the age of 68. The Bernstein's youngest daughter, Lilly, was born November 28, 1867 and died in New York City June 27, 1936 at the age of 69." - Catalogue

•  Mother of:
     Sophia Bernstein (1857 - 1938)
     Betty Bernstein (1859 - 1928)
     Lillie Bernstein (1867 - 1936) - Ancestry.com

•  Their home was on the corner of Gates and Green Streets. But also owned summer home on Monte Sano Mountain. - Catalogue

•  "Mrs. Bernstein was a close friend of her neighbor Miss Howard Weeden, well known Huntsville artist and poet." - AAUW

•  1904: Once Huntsville Hospital construction was complete. People donated furnishings for rooms in memorial to loved ones. "The Bernstein Room as furnished by her daughter." - Record

•  "Morris Bernstein was born in Hanover, Germany in 1824 and immigrated to the United States in the 1840's. He married Henrietta Newman in Huntsville in 1852. Mr. Bernstein was a founding father of B'nai B'rith in 1875 and of Temple B'nai Sholom the next year. His eldest daughter married Oscar Goldsmith." - Maple Hill

•  "Even with the addition of more than 12 acres, the demand continued to grow for new burial sites to the point that on September 6, 1881, further land was obtained to the immediate east of the original cemetery and the William H. Pope Lot #1 addition. This property, 3.2 acres, was obtained for $341.00 from Morris and Henrietta Bernstein who had purchased property from the court enforced sale of the George Steele Estate at public auction on December 6, 1880. The Bernsteins secured 30 acres of the Steele property for $26.25 per acre, or a total of $795.00. The remaining portion of this land was obtained later to create the Chapman-Lee residential subdivision created in 1888.
     The Bernstein purchase was important because it now provided a straight line southward for all of the city property down to the holdings of James B. White, or Lot #4 of the William H. Pope property. This allowed the city to add new streets within the cemetery proper and included sections designated as A through C, to join D through the Potter's Field of the Donegan property. The cemetery became an enclosed rectangle with common borders on all sides." - Maple Hill

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