Henrietta Henline Goldsmith

Born:March 11, 1811, Albersweiler, Bavaria, Germany
Died:Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Wife of:David Goldsmith
Mother of:Oscar Goldsmith


•  She met David Goldsmith in New York City soon after she and he had immigrated to America from Germany. They married. "They lived in New York continuously until their last years when they moved to Huntsville. They first lived where the Russel Erskine Hotel is located today, and then later moved in with their son, Oscar, at 204 Gates St." - 5 Generations

•  Mother of:
     Samuel Goldsmith 1837 - 1850
     Henry Goldsmith 1839 - 1917
     Levi Goldsmith 1842 - 1916
     Myer Goldsmith 1844 - 1917
     Sarah Goldsmith 1848 -
     Oscar Goldsmith 1849 - 1937 - Ancestry.com

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